Amazon Prime Day 2022 Starts Tomorrow

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 Starts Tomorrow

amazon prime day

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Starts Tomorrow – Best Deal


Amazon is the most popular e-commerce company in the world. And it gives a very appealing experience to customers by making their shopping process easy and convenient. After its launch on April 1, 2014, Amazon became an icon of convenience for millions of people in the world. From delivering items within 3 km by air for free delivery and from home or office via free self-service kiosks to getting a variety of products at affordable prices, it has become one of the top-rated online brands.


What is Amazon Prime Day?


Amazon Prime Day began in July of 2015 as a solitary day deal to remember Amazon’s twentieth commemoration. It has since changed into a two-day occasion in that Amazon offers huge limits across the entirety of its classifications of items.

Close by the arrangements that keep going for 48 hours, Amazon normally drops many Lightning Deals that are accessible just for a restricted period, typically somewhere in the range of two and six hours.


The Early Amazon Prime Day Deals To Shop Now


The largest technology company in the world, Amazon started off as “The Internet Company” Today, Amazon is now a global retail giant offering services including digital goods and services, electronics, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. On November 11, 2019, more than 80 percent of all sales on Amazon are due to the sale of packaged foods and grocery products.

There by, as we know that there will be another mega sale called “Prime Day” on November 12. So let’s get our hands on all the details about this event. I was really amazed seeing many websites displaying the ‘Prime Day’ banner on their website for some days before actually going to buy any product. But luckily, we do not need to wait long now. It begins tomorrow (Nov 12) at 19:00 AM GMT/ 10:00 AM EDT.


Do You Need A Prime Membership To Shop Prime Day Deals?


Customers can choose a new day with a single click and make purchases through free shipping. If you want, you can give your own name and address as well. However, Amazon limits people to purchase books, videos, music, movies, etc., but you can also go for other physical items like Lego, flashlights, mobile phones, etc., which makes it so much easier for consumers to select what they want from the large selection offered by the platform through various categories.

There are over 400 different types of prime items and they include daily essentials such as dry fruits and vegetables, cooking oil, coffee and tea, etc., personal items like electronic accessories, home appliances, toys, clothes, shoes, home décor items, baby essentials, clothing, toiletries, beauty products and much more.


People usually search through search engines and select a suitable category based on their requirement. In case of Amazon Prime Day, you will also be presented with two ways to avail coupons to spend the night – using the “Amazon Plus” membership and simply using the app.


Other important highlights of the sale include free next day delivery across all cities by default and no shipping charges on non-essential items. As per the information provided by Amazon, a full refund on orders no longer than 90 days before when purchased by users in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand will be given and customers can claim back their money within 30 days of the purchase.


Furthermore, with the help of “Amazon Go”, you can have instant access to various products without having to walk out of the store. This service allows users to order by themselves, just by pressing four buttons on your phone screen and pay online via credit card. All you need to do is follow these simple steps for ordering.


On Amazon Prime Day, you can play games like trivia sessions, game rooms, quizzes, puzzles, crossword, quiz, word finders, book reading challenges, etc. Here is how to start playing them: First, press the “Amazon Plus” button located next to your search bar. Next, enter the region where you want to play these games and finally select the game to play by entering a new username and password.


After selecting the game, you can start playing. In case you want to learn something related to Amazon and wish to learn more about its products and programs then you can join the Amazon Games Club on App Store. You can download it here. When you are done playing, you can share your playing skills and progress with others. To know more about the Game Club app on Apple App Store, visit here for further instructions.


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